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Ed Royce Named One of the Most Effective U.S. Representatives

Both the Orange County Register and Washington Post have written about Ed Royce being one of the most effective U.S. Representatives. Here’s what they said:

“Rep. Ed Royce …was among the ten most effective [U.S. Representatives] in the 2013-2014 session — the most recent session completed — according to a study published in the Washington Post.

The ranking is based on something called Legislative Effectiveness Scores, which take into account how successful each lawmaker is in moving bills they sponsored and how substantial those bills are.

Royce, the Fullerton representative and chairman of the House Foreign Affairs Committee, saw nine of his 18 bills make substantial progress, including his Global Anti-Poaching Act and his Hezbollah International Financing Prevention Act.”

Ed Royce Cares About You and Your Family

Ed Royce has assisted thousands of members of our community with issues related to Social Security/Medicare, veterans not receiving the benefits they deserve, and much more.